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Narrowing Malaysian food down to one signature dish is bloody hard- as
any Malaysian worth his or her salt will tell you. But we’ve been
thinking about this for some time now and we do honestly believe that
Malaysians do indeed have a national dish- and that national dish is
nasi lemak. Each different race and state in Malaysia has its own
version. In Malaysia you’ll find people having nasi lemak for
breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, at road side stalls, coffee
shops,restaurants and hawker centers.

In English nasi lemak translates literally to ‘fatty rice’. Probably
quite apt as having nasi lemak everyday will most certainly pile on
the pounds!:) The common base to all nasi lemaks is the fluffy rice
cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves. On the side there must
always be some fried anchovies, peanuts and cucumber. What you add to
the basic ingredients after this is what gives each nasi lemak its
individual kick. Some like their sambal hot and spicy, some like it
slightly sweeter, some like  it with prawns and petai, some like it
with anchovies or dried shrimp, others prefer it with anchovies on the
side. There are just so many variations.

Then you need to decide how you like your egg.Hard boiled or fried? We
like ours sunny side up. There’s something very satisfying about
watching the yellow-orange yolk pop and run over the hot,fragrant rice
and sambal. Then you have to decide what should accompany the nasi
lemak and sambal. Some swear by fried chicken. If I’m doing it I like
to do a nyonya fried chicken version(fragrant with belachan and curry
leaves). Others think a dry or wet beef rendang is essential to
hitting the spot, although on occasion I’ve served it with a
sensational dry nyonya chicken curry (which uses dried shrimp and lime
juice instead of coconut milk, featured below).

Best served on a banana leaf and washed down with some of Wild’s
delicious ais kacang!


Keropok – prawn crackers

Nasi lemak – Fragrant coconut rice with egg,anchovy and peanut garnish
King prawn sambal – Prawns fried in a rich sweet spicy gravy
Beef Rendang – Fragrant and spicy slow cooked dry meat curry
Nyonya fried chicken -some say ours taste so good it should be called
‘ganja fried chicken!’ :)
Kangkung belachan – Greens fried with spicy fermented shrimp paste

Ais kacang
Nyonya kuih – Sticky and sweet cakes in the Straits Chinese tradition
Teh tarik – Old school tea-chinos!

This event is BYOB

Date: Sunday 24th Feb 2013, 12.45pm

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Supperclub Sunday Eurasian Malaysian Feast at Convent Garden, Nov 2012

Supperclub Sunday Eurasian Malaysian Feast at Convent Garden, Nov 2012

We felt very lucky to be invited to be part of the Supperclub Sunday Series in Convent Garden a couple of months ago, where for 3 months, supperclubs around London whipped up a traditional Sunday family meal for 30 hungry food lovers. We met some lovely people and it was a joy to see them really ‘getting’ the food- this was afterall no fine dining experience but rather heart warming soul food, where we cooked some nostalgic recipes we grew up with and truly love, and guests had to get stuck in and dirty tackling our special family crab curry!:) Here are some of the photos below, enjoy! Special thanks to Wen and Shu who were fantastic front of house on the day, and Rose for her delicious kaya onde-onde, kuih lapis and home-made kaya and of course Wild..who always does such a great job organising the dining room, after dinner mayhem & keeping me calm whilst I try and plate up 10kg of crab!:)

Photo credits and ShuHan of

To Start…


Keropok udang (prawn crackers)

Next up….



Crab curry ala Augustin – made to a secret family recipe!


 King prawn sambal petai – prawns simmered slowly in a chilli, shrimp paste, tamarind and lime leaf sauce. A Wild Serai supperclub favourite :)



Grandma Lucille’s met in your mouth Eurasian Oxtail Stew



Eurasian Pork Vindaloo – Pork belly slow cooked in a fragrant blend of chilli, mustard seeds, curry leaves, garlic and apple cider vinegar. An Augustin family favourite!

Tuna cutlets – Fried tuna and potato cutlets served with Linghams chilli sauce.

Acar- a cooling cucumber and pineapple salad

Nyonya kerabu – Cucumber and pineapple salad to take the heat off!


Stir fried sambal okra

And to finish…

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Grandma Lucille’s Bubur cha cha ( a Medley of warm freshly squeezed coconut milk, sweet potato, banana, sago pearls and earthy, raw palm sugar)


Nyonya kuih-kaya onde-onde&Indonesian kuih lapis & Teh tarik – Aerated pulled tea with a Chai twist

And bonus surprise…Rosy’s Kitchen Homemade Kaya to take home for buttery kaya toast the next morning :) So yummy….(You can also order Kaya from Rosy at )


Supperclub Sunday Eurasian Malaysian Feast at Convent Garden, Nov 2012

Welcome in 2013 with a Malay Wedding Feast!


Date : Sunday 27th January 2013 Time: 12.45pm Location: New Malden, KT3

Event Photo
*Pic Courtesy of Edible Experiences

Ever attended a Malay wedding? It’s big and raucous and feeds guests like there it no tomorrow, super traditional dishes such as these…
Keropok – Crispy puffy deep fried prawn crackers
Chicken Satay and Spicy Peanut sauce
Ayam Masak Merah – A Malay wedding classic. Saffron coated Chicken cooked in a rich and spicy tomato sauce
Beef Rendang Tuk – Melt in your mouth beef rendang marinated in a blend of more than 12 different spices and slow cooked for 6 hours
Ikan Bakar – Fish grilled in banana leaves with a delicious Sambal dressing
Udang Masak Lemak Chilli Api – Tiger prawns simmered in a fragrant & spicy coconut broth
Nyonya Kerabu – A cooking Nyonya Salad to complement all that heat!
Steamed Jasmine Rice
Homemade chendol – Pandan jelly serve in a cold coconut milk and palm sugar soup
Nyonya kuih – Traditional sticky cakes from the Straits of Melaka
Teh tarik – Old school frothy tea-chino!

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