Dec 17th 2011: A Malay Wedding Feast


Kawan-kawan…Finally some pics from our debut pop up mamak in Brixton a couple of weeks ago. Although it was a little hectic, we had fun with these ‘wedding feast’ recipes, met some awesome people and got some amazing and truly wonderful support from our friends!Here’s a teaser on what was on the menu. Enjoy if you can’t stand the sight of another turkey dinner!:)

PS- Coming up in January – a nostalgic celebration of Malaysia’s national dish- Nasi Lemak! Everyones got a different version of what and where they ‘kena-ed’ that awesome nasi lemak that hit the spot!Do share your nasi lemak cravings with us..we’ll consider re-inventing.

*All pics courtesy of the lovely WenLin Soh of Edible Experiences

To start- a trio of grilled chicken, beef and lamb satay accompanied by a tangy peanut sauce.

Nyonya rojak - a Malaysian salad with cucumber, white radish, bean sprouts and prawn fritters

Ayam masak merah (Malaysian wedding chicken in a spicy,fragrant sundried tomato, chilli, kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass sauce)

Ikan bakar (grilled mackerel grilled in a banana leaf and topped with a tamarind, shallot and chilli sauce)

Acar- a cooling cucumber and pineapple salad


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