Oct 16th 2011: Seafood Feast Starring Chilli Crab


On the 16th of October we had our first appearance on the London supperclub scene thanks to Goz and his wonderful plussixfive. It was super-fun and we met some lovely people,shared some of our favourite recipes and were chuffed at a couple of very generous food reviews!We thought we would let the reviews and pictures speak for themselves!



*All photography below by WenLin Soh of Edible Experiences

To start- Diver scallops in half shell criss crossed and grilled in a butter,garlic, birds eye chilli and fragrant curry leaf garnis

Next up - King prawn sambal petai (a blend of fragrant bintulu belachan thanks to the Iban, dried chillies, shallots, tamarind water and other secret ingredients :)Serai thinks this was one of her best prawn sambals yet!Grandma would have shed a secret proud tear 🙂

Finally the piece de resistance - Whole Sri Lankan crab sauteed in a spicy, sweet and sour sauce made from a fragant blend of garlic,lemon grass, lime leaf, birds eye chilli, yellow bean paste and tamarind juice. Thats MALAYSIAN chilli crab to you Singaporeans.:) Went down a treat with Goz's deep fried mantou buns


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  1. I went along to the Wild Serai supper club for the first time based on a friend’s recommendations. Everything was fantastic even before we tucked in; particularly the relaxed atmosphere and the gracious hosts.
    There were a number of different dishes, brought out one after the next in perfect timing. Everything was freshly cooked, warm, and tasted very authentic. There was certainly no lack of food- either quantity or variety.
    From start to finish, there were about 10 different courses. And when many of us struggled with the 2 different types of cake with our ‘teh tarik’, the lovely hosts actually packed it in a take away bag for us!
    I certainly hope to go for many more supper clubs at Wild Serai. The quality of food and hospitality were second to none!

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