Satisfying Bro’s Laksa Craving


I haven’t had the opportunity to cook for bro in a while so one of the purposes of this family catch up time was to satisfy some of bros Malaysian food cravings and to introduce Nan to some specialities south of the Thai border. Bro had been craving laksa for some time now, so much so that he tried to replicate the dish himself a couple of months ago – apparently with disastrous consequences. So in order to put all right, we decided to have a lazy brunch outdoors this morning, with laksa being the star attraction of course!

Am happy to say it was a hit- flavorsome and rich, without being too ‘lemak-ky’. Nan’s fridge is a labyrinth of great spices and fresh herbs so I was really having fun as I blended and pound the paste up this morning. What went into it? Shallots, garlic, lime leaves, lemongrass, belachan, dried shimp, dried chillies, galangal,some chill paid and turmeric. More battered lemon grass sticks and lime leaves as the paste was frying.Threw a packet of fish balls in at the end and then prepped the bowls with yellow mee, beehon and kuey teow, topped with a boiled egg, shredded chicken breast, long beans and bean sprouts. Then ladled over the hot laksa broth and served up with wedges of lime and sambal belachan paste. Bro gave it the thumbs up – laksa craving sorted 🙂

Laksa Prep


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