Serai’s New Year’s Resolution


As usual the new year calls for a brief pause from the hustle and bustle of daily life to reflect on the year that’s past, to count one’s blessings, reconnect with friends and family(over some great shin-digs of course) and dream and plot for the year ahead. Serai’s new years resolution for 2012 on a foodie front is to cook her way, cover to cover through her new Penang Nyonya cookbook! 🙂



This treasure trove of family recipes handed down from generation to generation within Penang’s revered Nyonya community set Serai’s heart aquiver when she bought it back from Malaysia a few months ago . Afterall the revered Nyonya is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen, and Nyonya cuisine is probably among the world’s first ‘fusion’ cuisines, mixing the intense and deep flavours of both Malay and Chinese cuisine with the arrival of Chinese diplomats and traders to the straits of Malacca,Penang and Singapore in the 15th century. Anyway, enough talk, time to translate history lesson into action. As its the new year, and we’re in detox mode,Serai is going to start with one of ten kerabu recipes (Nyonya salads).Who said Malaysian food can’t be healthy?:) Happy New Year all and we look forward to feeding you in 2012!


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  1. A breif pause ! Breather, more like it , specially if you are a Malaysian, thinking of the next dinner party or just an excuse to cook up a meal. I remember having luncheons with the family and deciding what to have for dinner, even before dessert is served. Love those good old days ! Bring on the Kerabu 🙂 , it brings a whole new dimension to Salad. I know it will be great and healthy and i look forward to trying all your recipes.

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