Sat Feb 11th 2012: Seafood Lover’s Supperclub



*Picture courtesy of NereaLoveAlways

Thanks so much to all who turned up last Saturday for our nasi lemak bonanza!We had loads of fun feeding you and we hope you had a great time too!:)

As we’ve been promising for a while now….a seafood supperclub for serious seafood lovers on Sat 11th Feb 2012 at 7.30pm. 



Starters : Otak-otak Nyonya style (Parcels of succulent white fish in a fragrant ,velvety coconut, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaf custard steamed in banana leaves)
Star of the night – Malaysian Chilli crab served with deep fried mantou buns (for moppin up all that tasty sauce!)
Butter prawns – A Malaysian seafood classic- Tiger prawns tossed in butter, garlic, curry leaves and birds eye chillies
Ginger and shiao shing rice wine clam broth
Kangkung belachan
Steamed jasmine rice
Ais chendol
Nyoya kueh
Teh tarik/Ipoh white coffee
For details email

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  1. I can only think of a handful of times I have had chilli crab as yummy and ‘syok’ as I did on Saturday. Everything was amazing but the thought of that sauce is making me hungry as I type. Butter prawns and otak-otak come a close second. There was so much food that I thought I would never manage dessert but when the nyonya kueh appeared, there was no way I could say no! The kueh talam and kueh bengkang are on par if not better than the ones I have had in Malaysia! Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. This is an unmissable event. I’ve had my share of tasty seafood feasts and this definitely rates as one of the best.

    The chilli crab and butter prawns were definitely the highlights with the right balance of heat and spice. Make sure you bring some cold beers to go with it.

    Thanks guys for a great night.

    • Thanks Steve,very kind of you.Hope to see you at another seafood supperclub, we will be doing a rotating the menu and trying salted egg yolk crabs and sambal petai prawns in the near future!:)

  3. I went along to the Wild Serai supper club for the first time based on a friend’s recommendations. Everything was fantastic even before we tucked in; particularly the relaxed atmosphere and the gracious hosts.
    There were a number of different dishes, brought out one after the next in perfect timing. Everything was freshly cooked, warm, and tasted very authentic. There was certainly no lack of food- either quantity or variety.
    From start to finish, there were about 10 different courses. And when many of us struggled with the 2 different types of cake with our ‘teh tarik’, the lovely hosts actually packed it in a take away bag for us!
    I certainly hope to go for many more supper clubs at Wild Serai. The quality of food and hospitality were second to none!

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