Easter Bank Holiday Monday 9th April Malaysian Streetfood Brunch


Malaysian Street Food Brunch

Event Photo


Keropok – Light fluffy shrimp crackers
Charcoal grilled chicken satay


Mee goreng mamak – Spicy fried noodles with prawns, fish cake, fish balls & vegetables topped with crispy fried onions and lime

Penang Rojak – Mixed vegetable & crunchy fruit salad in a tangy sweet and sour paste sauce, topped with peanuts and crunchy crackers

Roti jala and tender Malay lamb curry – Feathery light Malaysian pancakes served with lamb curry, slow cooked till the meat melts in your mouth

Nyonya fried chicken – Deep fried chicken morsels that have been marinated for 48 hours in curry leaves, shrimp paste, lemongrass and blue ginger

Nasi lemak 60 sen – A Malaysian breakfast staple. We kick ours up a gastro notch, serving it with delicate quails eggs and Grandma’s secret sambal chilli


Ais kacang – The ultimate Malaysian sorbet served with rose syrup, palm sugar syrup and evaporated milk
Nyonya Kuih – Sticky cakes from the Chinese Straits

Teh tarik – Old school tea-chino

All the meat we serve is free-range halal

To book please follow the link below



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