First Eurasian-Malaysian Supperclub to Hit London!Convent Garden,Sunday 4th Nov 2012, 6.30pm


Its been a crazy summer and we’ve been finding ourselves cooking up a
whole load of different (mostly Malay and Nyonya) dishes.

From nasi lemak to nyonya popiah to mee goreng to ayam percik to king
prawn sambal petai to ikan bakar to chilli crab (crap!Not ANOTHER
crab!:) to lala to roti jala to Malay lamb curry to nyonya kerabu to
satay to butter scallops to nyonya fried chicken to curry puffs to
ikan bilis sambal eggs to chendol and ais kacang to nyonya chicken
curry to beef rendang, this has been one heck of a food orgy! Heck
-we’ve cooked nearly 150kg of crab!We’ve also met tonnes of lovely
people and had loads of fun! (depite all that horrid washing up
after!) Phew, thank goodness for a dishwasher and fantastic Wild who
is a maestro washer upper extraordinaire and gets the flat spick and
span in 90 minutes flat 🙂

But now we are going back to our Eurasian – Malaysian roots and are
hitting Convent Garden for a night of supperclubbing in November-
serving traditional dishes that we would have around our family table
for a typical family Sunday dinner!

Not many people have tried Malaysian Eurasian food- and this is a menu
not to be missed! We are getting super-excited about serving up
Grandma Lucille’s famous crab curry, her legendary prawn sambal and
mouth watering pork vindaloo and oxtail stew. Eurasian families date
their heritage back to the 1500s when the Portugese landed in the
strait port of Malacca on the famous spice trail, intermarried with
local Malay women and gave rise to a community with unique roots,
heritage and a fantastic cuisine.

Enough of a history lesson though – come makan (EAT!) 🙂

For more details on the menu see below and book on the link below :

We are getting mighty excited about feeding you!:)

PS: We’ve also recently teamed up with Rosy’s Kitchen- London’s first
(as far as we know) homemade Kaya maker. She will be debuting with a
special nyonya kaya surprise desert on the night and we are happy and
proud to say there will be jars of kaya to buy and take home on the
day! 🙂


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