Wild Serai: Seafood Finale 2012 Last Supperclub of the Year!



Event Photo

It’s been a very special year for us with lots of feasting and meeting new people through this wonderful Malaysian Supperclub adventure. We would love you to join us for what will hopefully be a very special finale to the year, bringing you some of our favourite dishes, old and new 🙂 


Keropok udang – Giant prawn crackers 

Nyonya-Nyonya Otak- Otak – A classic Nyonya speciality – Steamed fish parcels marinated for 24 hours in a blend of 15 spices (including lemongrass, tumeric, lime leaves, coconut milk and blue ginger) 


Malaysian Butter Crab – Creamy crab simmered in a buttery curry leaf sauce accompanied by delicious fried mantou buns for dipping 

Drunken Prawns – Our take on a cantonese classic. Fresh, succulent king prawns marinated for 24 hours in a shiao shing rice wine and ginger marinade, steamed to perfection 

Sambal Lala – Clams flash fried in a spicy sambal sauce 

Deep Fried Sweet and Sour Talapia 

Kangkong belachan (Morning glory fried with a spicy shrimp paste) 

Steamed Jasmine Rice 


Red bean soup with a trio of sesame, peanut and red bean mochi 



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  1. wow. How did I only just hear about you guys!? I guess being off the London scene for 18 months would do it.. Love, love, love Malaysian food and I hope I can come and visit your supperclub while I’m back in the New Year!

    • That would be fantastic!We look forward to feeding you in the New Year!;) We got a super duper Malay Wedding Feast coming up in January and a Seafood Lover’s Feast in February so do come makan!:) take care

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