Malaysian Seafood Steamboat Feast, Brixton, Friday 18th December 2015



As the winter nights start drawing in and the weather turns chilly, what better way to warm up then with a glorious Malaysian seafood steamboat feast. Steamboat takes communal feasting to a new level- 2 pots of steaming hot soup (choice of ginseng ginger chicken or spicy tom yam broth) are placed in the middle of table.Platters loaded with seafood, vegetables and fishballs are then brought out in succession and guests are provided with chopsticks and little baskets to scoop out delicious morsels they cook themselves at the table. This is the ultimate in comfort food!

Steamboat – a choice of chicken ginseng and ginger broth or spicy tomyam soup

Platters featuring

Seafood- A selection of fresh prawns, scallops, squid and mussels

Fishballs, cuttle fish balls, beancurd, tofu, quails eggs, chicken marinated in shiao shing rice wine and sesame oil

Chinese greens, noodles,egg to finish


A selection of Moochi balls (Peanut, red bean and sesame)cooked in a ginger infused syrup and served with green tea ice cream

Crysanthemum tea

Date: Friday 18/12/2015
Time: 7.30pm
Location: Brixton
Price: £25

Come hungry, leave warm and happy 🙂

To book please follow the link below.


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