Wedding Tasting Menu in Somerset


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Wedding 11.JPG
  Amazing Weekend cooking an exciting Eight Course Fusion Tasting Wedding Menu for a wonderful couple in Somerset with Auntie Mary, 5FootWay and a whole host of amazing friends who came to help!:) Thank you to the whole team for making this happen and congratulations to the lovely couple!
                                     Eight Course Malaysian Inspired Tasting Menu
 Seafood Devonshire Crab and Madagascar King Prawn Laksa Bisque served with a deep
                                                              fried Mantou bun
            Tender grilled Somerset Lamb Satay served with a spicy, tangy Peanut Sauce
                                                         Malaysian Butter Scallops
                                                Nyonya Kerabu Glass Noodle Salad
                                                              Beef Rendang Slider
                                                        Hainanese Chicken Rice
                                                              Long Life Mee Pok
                                                                  Desert Buffet
            Kuih Talam, Kuih Bingka, Sago Gula Melaka, Onde-onde, Pandan and Strawberry
        Jelly shots, Mango Crème Brulee, Apple and Kaya Tarts, Raffles Mess, Passionfruit and
                                                          Mini Cupcake selection
             (Passionfruit & Lemoncurd, Pandan & Salted Gula Melaka,Pistachio & Chocoloate)

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