Malaysian Chilli Crab Feast, Sat 2/09/2017, KT3


Come to supper and feast on our now famous Malaysian CHILLI CRAB!:) Our secret recipe takes the freshest of crabs, infused in a birds eye chilli, lemongrass, lime leaves, and garlic sauce and ensures it will be so finger licking good you wont’t even need wetwipes! Some can’t quite decide what they like better – the crab or the sauce!Perfect for mopping up with the soft, pillowy mantou buns that accompany this dish.


                           Giant Prawn Crackers with sweet chilli dip

                                      (Allergens: Crustacean, gluten)



                            Grilled chicken satay with a spicy peanut sauce

                                         (Allergens:Peanut, soy, gluten)

                                                    Curry puffs

                                          (Allergens: Peanut, soy, gluten)



        Our signature Malaysian Chilli Crab served with a deep fried mantou bun

                          (Allergens: Crustaceans, fish, soy, egg, gluten, dairy)


                                       Nyonya Kerabu Glass noodle salad

                                                (Allergens: Soy, Fish)


                    Butter Prawns tossed in curry leaves, coconut, birds eye chilli

                                              (Allergens: Crustacean, Dairy)


                                           Steamed Jasmine Rice


                                              Sago Gula Melaka

(Tapioca, coconut milk, palm sugar)


*Photo credit : @minhg

**Our food contains allergens, please let us know of any allergies you may have before booking.

To Book follow the link :


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