Chinese New Year Yong Tau Foo Party


My amazing Aunty Mary (other half of Wild Serai/Aunty Mary’s Malaysian Pantry) is on a well deserved CNY break in Malaysia. But even then she’s been inundated by friends and family asking her to make them her signature homemade Yong Tau Foo. Her Yong Tau Foo is quite legendary in Port Dickson from the time she ran her own Tropical Ginger Cafe and here she has stuffed red and green chillies, bitter gourd, aubergines and tofu with a fresh homemade fish paste blend then lightly steamed and pan fried. This pairs perfectly with a sweet, salty peanut and hoisin base Yong tau Foo sauce or fresh Chilli or sambal sauce. Aunty is back in London mid March and will be preparing this special dish for our Supperclub on Sunday 18/3/2018 @darjeelingldn Book now

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