Iban Gawai Sarawakian Supperclub



Coming up next – our Iban Gawai Supperclub! Sunday 23/6/2019 1pm at Darjeeling Express in Carnaby Street. Come and join us for a traditional Iban feast in celebration of the Dayak Harvest Festival 💖 


Mention the word Borneo, and it conjures up images of exotic adventures in the Land of the Hornbills, tropical rainforests , diverse ethnic tribes rich in history and culture and of course fearsome Iban Headhunters! We are glad to say that the the other half of Wild Serai’s ancestors put that practice to rest at least 4 generations ago, but we are on a mission to keep the traditional ways of cooking and eating alive. So we invite you to come sup at our table and try some flavour combinations that you probably haven’t tried before whilst you ‘Feast Like an Iban’!In celebration of Gawai (the original Dayak harvest festival). 


Umai (Prawn,seabass and squid ceviche marinated in lime,chilli,onions,salt)


Iban Manok Pansoh (Guinea Fowl marinated in lemongrass, galangal, chilli, torch ginger, steamed in banana leaves and bamboo) 


Midin/Kangkong Belachan (Jungle ferns (if we can get them) or kangkong substitute stir fried with belachan 


Ulam – Fresh herb salad 


Udang Masak Asam Pedas Sarawak – Madagascar King Prawns simmered in a spicy chilli and tamarind broth with baby brinjals


Red Hill Rice 


Cincalok , salted egg & Sambal belachan condiments


Bubur Cha Cha 


Sarawak Layer cake

To book please follow the link below:


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